Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Reverse Apartment Reviews

Suffice it to say reviews are a two-way street. The Internet and Social Media enables the critic in all of us. We give ratings and reviews to food, coffee, authors along with goods and services across all industry. Nothing is immune. That is except the customer. That is until now.

Australian based Art Series Hotel Group is reviewing guests. Yes! You read it clearly. From their website:

We’ll be posting our Reverse Reviews [on our website] and finally revealing what goes on behind closed doors.


Can you see it? Recall that recent move out. You know the one where the carpet has a perfect circle cut out in the living room area that served as fire pit. The ceiling that accommodated knives, forks, spoons and oil dip sticks. Yes – shoved in for decoration. Or, the one with the living room walls painted with life-sized psychedelic Alice in Wonderland landscape and characters – a true work of art. Or, the one with 20 years worth of collected newspapers stacked neatly from floor to ceiling covering nearly every square inch of the apartment to include the bathtub and kitchen sink.

How about posting these masterpieces for all to see – names included?

Playing the Game

Art Series Hotel’s Reverse Reviews is a game.

A promotion to fill hotel rooms.

A very cool promotion if you ask me.

Your sometimes wishing we could post reverse reviews Multifamily Maniac,


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