Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Facebook Go-Live: Good and Bad for Multifamily

Facebook Go-Live is the next belle of the ball in multifamily. In essence, the functionality gives you the ability to live stream your experiences in the moment. While the idea of live streaming on mobile is not new , it is new for the masses on Facebook.  And I can see so many uses and misuses as it relates to multifamily. Some awesome and some no so awesome.

Facebook Go-Live 2Leasing/Sales – I can see live streaming community tours answering questions, personalizing and customizing along the way.

Residents – I can see John and Stacy broadcasting their watch party or pool party attendance.

Vendor Management – I can see live streaming various issues, problems or successes. Catch the landscaper going the extra mile; edify him or her by broadcasting your praise for a select audience that cares.

Advocates – I can see residents that love their apartment living experience – live streaming something nice and positive about their community.

And, Resident Critic – this is the one that peaks my interest the most. I can see resident live streaming that leaky faucet, leaky ceiling or flooded basement or a bad customer service interaction live and in person. It gives a whole new meaning to the lead in; “Coming to you live from…”

Item of note: The function is only live on my personal page. It’s not yet live on my Apartment Hacker page and I can’t find anything that tells me when it might be.

Nevertheless, it adds a whole new level to reputation monitoring/management.

Your looking forward to watching some Facebook go-live entertainment multifamily maniac,



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