Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Elite Soccer Teams

“The elite soccer teams in the world emphasize pace over perfection. They recognize keeping the ball moving quickly is better than waiting and trying to make the ideal pass.” – Fast Company (December Issue, Page 16)

I am often struck by one’s unwillingness or massive hesitation to ‘pass’ a product, a service or a story to the masses. People get in their own way thinking quality, brilliance, superiority, excellence, perfection or even good enough has to exist before you can set caution to the wind and move the ball quickly. They prefer the safety of waiting in perpetuity for the perfect moment.
I see too many people set under the rule of reaction, fire chasing, got-a-minutes and the latest leadership impulse. I see too many people lead by whimsical, zero vision, mindless mission, vitriolic values and too small to see or nonexistent strategies. I see the proverbial 50/50 loss, intercepted pass or consistent off side call because we think ‘right now’ is the work that matters most.
The problem with that type of thinking is that something always pulls our attention away from the things that move the ball quickly.

Right Now

Right Now moves paper from the left side of your desk to the right side. Right Now turns email into a conversational platform instead of moving a business forward platform. Right Now keeps mission aside for those socially well attuned companies that are really making a difference in the world. Right Now keeps vision aside for those who want to grow the human capital that will Scale a business Up. Right Now keeps values aside for those who really give a damn about the people who CARE. Right Now keeps strategy aside for the élite masters of building cultures of thriving people bound by teams that what to change the world. Right Now leaves companies ten years behind their field at any given time. Right Now leaves everyone sick and tired of being sick and tired (a dangerous spot). And Right Now leaves you to wonder why the team never gets the ball across centerfield.

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