Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe



Microsoft debuted a new search engine on May 28, 2009 called Bing. Head on over and Bing yourself, your company and or your apartment community. You might be surprised by the results.

Dubbed the decision engine, Bing is suggested to help users search the web more intelligently. It does so by grouping or organizing search results according to users preferences. You can learn more about Bing by watching this informative video.

Bing is not Google and it will likely take some time to gain traction with users but it is cool. It makes me think the SEO game will/has changed. Will we now be competing for Bing Juice and if so what are the key drivers? I ran a few apartments in [insert city] searches where companies usually dominate the front page of Google and found some interesting results. Each time it yielded [among the usual ILS’], a company URL, usually down the list, not the social media stuff. Now when you type in a specific company name social media seemed to dominate the listings.

Now I know it is early and in the same respect if Bing does take off to the extent it changes the game for Google and others, what will that mean for all the work we are currently doing with Social Media? Not suggesting we quit but does it change our approach? Should be interesting watching the news and reviews unfold over the coming weeks and I would love to hear from some of our more tech oriented MFI users on the subject.

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*Note this is an edited version of the initial post.

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