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Apartment Maintenance On-Call Policy

I have taken a number of questions lately on the subject of calculating compensation for on-call maintenance men and women. As such I thought I would post the important points of our policy as a way to hopefully starting some discussion.

In brief of our policy is as follows:

1. Employees are paid for one-hour minimum – if they physically leave their home to complete a call

2. They are paid at time and a half

3. They are paid mileage from their legal residence

I am curious about other nuances our there; please drop us a comment as the community is interested.

And, I do hope that you have an amazing and over the top weekend.

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  • Yep. That’s our plan too.

    Do your techs have company cell phones?

  • Jmeisen

    My guys get paid two hours minimum even if they just answer their phone! Of course that usually gives them overtime…

    • J

      Thank you for taking the time. Two hours for answering the phone, can I shoot you my telephone number. I think I would like a piece of that action.

      Are you thinking of changing that practice?

  • Gcpropertymanagement

    Screen calls first to eliminate unnecessary maintenance runs. Some contractors will take all calls and some won’t. This cuts costs for PM’s and owners/investors.

    • Thank you for taking the time to give some feedback. I agree with you on the screening piece, it amazing how many maintenance items you can fix over the phone.

      Just to be clear, are you suggesting a call center solution that filters the real non-emergent calls?

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  • Jay

    I don’t like paying overtime, so I offer my employees comp time off (equal time). They like to get the time off with pay, and we can schedule it around the work schedule so they get the time off when we’re slower. It’s a win-win.

  • bernard powell

    At best the compensation varies .In my case they when from covering actual time including travel.To just paying for actual time spent making the repair.What does they law in Georgia state as proper compensation?


  • kfolks

    I think there should be some compensation for calls that dont require trips in, 30 minutes for anything referred over from the answering service and the service screens calls from a list of emergencies.

  • kfolks

    sometimes i get 6-8 calls over the course of an evening that don’t require coming in and currently we dont get compensated for being skilled enough to resolve via a the phone doesnt seem fair