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Apartment Marketing: Google Now

I am moving our normally scheduled budget post to Wednesday. My apologies to you that were expecting some number crunching today.

Google NowApartment Marketing with Google Now

Imagine a day when Google understands your interests so much so that it recommends a new apartment living experience. Maybe that is predicated on the fact that you a value shopper in all other areas of your life – Google might recommend a cheaper place to live. Suppose you are a social butterfly who often frequents downtown hotspots but you live in the burbs. Google might refer you to a nice new downtown apartment community.

Google Now’s Personalized Search With Automated Results: Creepy Or The Future Of Search? | Fast Company

The information from Google Now is displayed on what Barra referred to as “cards,” tile-sized amounts of information (seen above) that you might find similar to the cards seen in Palm’s WebOS software–think the default weather app on your iPhone.

Apartment Community Interest Graph

I am of the firm belief that the future of apartment search is going to be interest based and will come predictive in nature. And, I think that every apartment community should be working on their digital personality (read: get interesting). I think that apartment community reviews along with a plethora of other data points are going to be intermingled with neighborhood reviews (aggregate of every local business review in and around your community – sort of a neighborhood cool score: think walk-score) and that information is going to flow out in the “cards” described in the quote above. The key going forward will be positioning oneself as interesting.

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