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Multifamily Monday: Introduce the Rest of the Team

My challenge on this Multifamily Monday. Get your service team involved in the program.

Unsung Hero

We could all debate back and forth over the fact(s) that if it were not for the service teams we would not have apartments to lease. And, if we did not have people leasing apartments we would not have any to turn. Can we all agree that both are important to the operation. And, both carry equal weight as it relates to keeping the teams moving along.

That being said, I must lean on the side of service this morning. A couple of reason(s): Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners, Air Conditioners. As we continue to endure the heat wave that has gripped and squeezed this country over the past three weeks, our service teams never slow down. They never quit. No matter the task, they go about getting it done. My hat is off to them.

Make them Part of the ProgramIntroduce the rest of your multifamily team to the people that you serve

If any one of your service team members is in or around your leasing office when you are visiting with a resident – take the time to introduce them to each other. If you are touring someone and you see the porter or service techs – take the time to introduce them. Edify them publicly. Speak in sound bites about what they mean to the day-to-day business. Manufacture events that honor the service teams.

You could have a service team function at the site whereby you invite the residents to celebrate them. Sure, you can expect some grumpy people┬ábut surely we all understand by now – they are just are just part of it.

Today is that day – take five minutes to give out some atta-boys, some public pats on the back, some, we value what you do and a good old-fashioned – thank you.

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