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Apartment Budgeting: Washer and Dryer Income

It’s Tuesday and we are back with another installment of Apartment Budgeting. Today we are writing about income opportunities as it relates washers and dryer income. Believe it or not this is an area where you can make a little ancillary income with just a little amount of effort.

Washer and Dryer Income DefinedLaundry Room at Countryside Townhomes

This is money your community makes when you help someone lease a washer and dryer for their apartment. We are presupposing you have washer and dryer hook-ups in your apartments. If you do, simply find a local appliance provider that is willing to lease direct to your resident(s) while providing you a share of the revenue. Or, you lease the machines from the provider and re-lease them to your residents for an up charge. I personally like the first option better – less risk. It’s not a ton of money but every dollar counts.

The goal in my head is to make at least $10 to $15 per set per month depending on where you are in the country. Be it through the vendor revenue share option or your up-charging the resident, the aim is $10 to $15 per month.

Budgeting Strategy

If your lease program is already in place, this is a simple exercise of running out your current income based on your trailing information. If you are starting up a program, I would be conservative in the first year. And, use a conservative ramp up schedule for future years. Maybe start with two to five sets of machines depending on the level of interest you think you can generate. And, ramp up at the same pace unless demand allows for a more aggressive schedule.

Marketing Washers and Dryers

This is grass-roots kind of stuff whereby word of mouth is likely your most powerful medium. Get the conversation started by providing information in all of your marketing materials to include any print and all internet. Make sure your leasing team makes it a part of their programming. Give the first set away in lieu of any leasing special you might be offering.

It’s not huge money but again, every dollar counts when budgeting and running a multifamily community.

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