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A Simple Property Management Question

I have a very simple property management question for today’s post.

What percentage of your time would you say qualifies as “marketing”?

No need to elaborate – just a simple number followed by a % in the comment section below.

If we get some good feedback, I will give you the punch line in a future post.

Your thanking you in advance multifamily maniac,


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  • Eric Brown


  • 75%

  • Mkdecicco

    100% 🙂

  • disqus_efp0a1tpQ3

    I would say I spend about 50%
    actually marketing 25% dealing with clients/residents and 25% working on
    paperwork and filling

  • Lisa Z

    I would have to say 100%. You’re always marketing!

  • Eugene Roebuck

    I would say 50-60% must be in marketing. Or if there’s someone who can do just marketing, the 100% would be best!


    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m setting up a follow up post that speaks to this a bit further.