Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe


I am walking my way through the gigantic book that Seth Godin put out via the Kickstarter platform – page 9 of 800+/-. It’s a monster of a book. Let’s just say, it adds a whole new meaning to the idiom; throw the book at someone. It would level even the strongest among us.  The entry I read tonight talked about being done.


Are we ever done in the property management business? I can’t tell you the last time my inbox was at zero or my to do list was fully accomplished. Or, that my site-visits were 100% done. Or, my apartment budgets were 100% complete. Or, my media company projects were all accomplished.  But, what if I could say that? What would I do?

I think the short answer is – teach, train, coach and mentor. Read: lead the horse to the troth and teach him how to drink. Or, teach a person how to fish, if you prefer that well stated analogy. I would get back to the thing that I love the most about this business – exciting, encouraging and inspiring people.

Why Don’t I 

The otherwise obvious follow-up to that bit of knowledge is – why don’t I?

Property management is a crazy world of nonstop fun and excitement. Never a dull moment. And, one day rarely looks like the day before or the day to come. In all fairness, like any other business in the world. Many times we are reacting where responding would be the much preferred alternative. It’s the nature of the beast – as they say.

That is my cop-out answer. My way of shirking responsibility.

The real answer – I don’t know but I am considering the ways to get relentlessly committed to getting back to what I love.

Your looking forward to accomplishing some people building multifamily maniac,



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