Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Big Ass Apartments – Smart or Tacky

I received an email today that floated the idea of using – Big Ass Apartments – as a tagline.

Big Ass Apartments, Apartments are Big Ass, Big Ass, Apartments

The pic to the right was the genesisĀ of the idea.

My gut reaction was – no way.

My – sit back for a moment to consider the audience – reaction was – maybe.

What do you think?

Presuppose that the apartments are of the big nature. And, that the audience would – get it.

Do you think it pushes past a professional boundary?

Your stumped on this one multifamily maniac,


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  • Oh boy, this is one for the books. Can you imagine the tv commercial? “Come check out Big Ass Apartments!” Haha! I of course, would have to, comparing it to Disney Land…or maybe something more like Bass Pro Shop, some like big, cool, unique place that even if you just has all this crazy stuff and you just can’t help but be excited. Big Ass Fans rocks! I certainly don’t see it as tacky as long as it measures up to it’s name. Now for the drawbacks: judging from fair housing regulations, HR and some apartment owners I am aware of, the farthest I see it going is this post…sadly.

  • I think this sets up a huge expectation that must be delivered upon. It would necessitate my saying “Wow, this is a big ass apartment” when I walk in otherwise you lose credibility. I think using that phrase for the sake of shock, whatever, will get people to click on it but you don’t want to get them in the door to let them down. You better have something really big ass going on if you are going to use the wording. I think the cool part about that company is that they are as non-traditional as their tagline so it works. You just shouldn’t have a super conservative or non-flexible company throwing around language like that. It needs to match the personality. http://www.bigassfans.com/company/play-at-big-ass-fans/