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Leasing Consultant Question of the Year

“Can I move these people?”

This is the question of the year. Posed in Daniel Pink’s newest book: To Sell is Human – The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.

Bob the Builder

If you have children – you likely related to this section heading. Bob the Builder is an animated children’s program where Bob is the lead character. And to cut to the chase, Bob employs a practice that every leasing consultant on the planet earth should blend into their sales routine. It’s called interrogative self-talk.

Interrogative Self-Talk

Before you run off and starting talking about how Mike Brewer drank the kool-aid. It’s not that look in the mirror and tell yourself how you are so smart you are Stuart Smalley “…and doggonit people like me” kind of stuff.

It’s the, “what the hell am I going to do to move these people to love and transact with me?” kind of stuff.

Can I Move These People to Lease? 

Short and sweet why behind the what. When you pump yourself up, you may or may not win. You may or may not get the sale. You may or may not endure for the day. When you question yourself, your mind has no choice but to produce answers.

Daniel suggests that you ask yourself if you can move the people headed in to partake in your apartment demonstration experience. The otherwise positive answer to that question is РYes. And your mind has no choice but to get access to the data banks for every reason that is true.

The critical step for you is – write that stuff down. Write down the answers to the interrogation. Dan says to list five reasons – I say overdo it. Go for ten. Include #gameon as the default #1 answer. Do it to humor me and to help you!

By doing so, you will remind yourself of the very things you need to do to make the experience so fitting that the person has no choice but to lease from you.

Your interrogate the stuffing out of yourself this year multifamily maniac,


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