Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Multifamily Marketing on Trial

Multifamily Marketing on Trial2013 is not the year to protect your posterior. It’s not the year to crawl in a hole hoping that all this massive and swift moving change will just pass you by. It’s not the year to play it safe. Don’t be a politician. Don’t get stalled by this party or that party or this ideology or that ideology.

On Trial

Be that guy or gal that politely listens to all the noise – filtering always. Be that guy or gal that acts when the silence comes. Acknowledge the conversation but run in the opposite direction of the crowd.

That idea you’ve harbored for the past 2 months, 4 months, year or 15 years (that’s me) – go for it. Try it. Don’t ask for permission. If the stresses of other people pump your heat instead the OMG – I could get canned for this moments, then do us all a favor and stay in bed this morning.

Cheating Two People

When you are not conducting trials you are cheating two people: 1. You are cheating me out of being exposed to something that might change my life. 2. You cheat you out of being a better you. It’s #gameon time.

Your never want to cheat myself out of being a better me multifamily manic,


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