Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Perpetually Competing for Attention

Marketing people (which is everybody in business) are in the fight of their lives with an enemy that is ever evolving and adapting. We are perpetually competing for attention. Any more you are turned off, disliked, tuned out, banished, skipped over, blown off, unsubscribed, unfollowed, blocked or simply ignored with the click of a button. Make my experience anything less that what I want and – Boom, you’re done.


I went to the pet store tonight for a bag of over-priced nourishment for our dogs. And, in the course of my check out the clerk asks me if I want to apply for the aptly named pet friendly paw rewards club. I said – “no.” At that moment – right there between catalyst (my saying no) and response (the clerk looking at me like I was fresh in from Mars) – that little space (called – choice), the clerk could have made that experience good for me. “Cool – Mike (name taken from a quick glance at the computer where my information just popped up), you look like you’re tired; here is your receipt, we will see you next time.” – Boom, I’m back in a month to pick up another bag.


Awareness isn’t propping your sign in the yard and handing out fliers all over town. It’s not offering your loyalty card to every poor sap that makes a two dollar buy from you. It’s paying attention to the emotional wherewithal of a flipping tired, beat down, wondering where the next bit of attention is going to paid culture.

Multifamily Saviors

It’s time to shine. You can look people in the eyes everyday of the week. You can surprise and delight. You can get someone to sign up for your loyalty program (the one you should not have – not formally anyway) by simply being you. You can have by attention by taking time. By being aware. By caring. Caring with awareness.

Your perpetually competing for the hearts and minds of people who care multifamily maniac,


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  • Lisa Z

    Great post! I am so tired of the so-called loyalty programs. If I’m that great of a customer to you, you should offer those perks automatically…each and every day! Customer service. Final.

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  • disqus_efp0a1tpQ3

    I think that being intuative and having the ability to read people is the most powerful tool in marketing. I used to be a server for many years and it tought me alot and sharpened alot of my skills. Especially being able to look at a person, read the character in thier face and predict how that customer is going to order, or what needs they have. Pereception is a very powerful thing and being aware of a clients needs/ moods is what makes or breaks a sale.

  • I love posts like these so you get a DOUBLE BOOM!! 🙂 At then end of anything and everything the way we treat and respond to peoples needs is what will be remembered most. Thank you for the reminder sir.

    • You got it. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write a few lines.