Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Radical Changes

I love the statement – if you can’t change people, change people.

If you can’t get people to climb out of the details, change people.

If you work for that person – punt.

If you work for that person and they hesitate on the big stuff – punt.



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  • Mike, People are much to afraid to move, paralyzed with fear. Time to Blow Up the old model, Create Something, Build Something, Take a Chance, It’s Your Life, Not the Person, Place or Thing you are afraid of, Start Now, there are no shortage of matches, just a shortage of bravery to Light Things Up.

    • How do you think we get people over being afraid?

  • Lisa Z

    Change is good! Most people are just afraid of it. Embrace change and great things will happen. 🙂

    • So – hope me understand how a person embraces change…

  • disqus_efp0a1tpQ3

    I agree I think
    it is good to embrace change and not just change but progress. I observe that
    just small changes are unsettling to most people even though the change is good
    for them. There is a fine line between change and progress, change for change’s
    sake is not good. “All change is not
    growth, as all movement is not forward.” – Ellen

    • Love it – have you made some changes recently (changes that relate to the way you do business) that have helped you progress as a professional?

      • disqus_efp0a1tpQ3

        Well we have been making lots of changes at my property because of changes in
        management but we are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss everything as a
        team, which I think is the best way to deal with change. I think people are
        fearful because one: They don’t understand the change and therefore are
        fearful. Two: People are slow to adapt. I think when a new policy is
        implemented, it should be explained thoroughly and then a slow transition.
        Personally when I first started I felt I could make a difference in my property
        and bring better changes but in reality I can only make minimal changes

        • It takes a team to move mountains – right?

          • disqus_efp0a1tpQ3

            Absolutley, and I do really feel that We have a really strong team and our managers are very good at listening to us and are flexiable which makes a huge diffrence, and that our opinions do matter.