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Mike Brewer Apartment Management Distractions

There are distractions all around us. How easy is it to get lost in a status or tweet stream review? How easy is it to get caught up in a conversation that is not really moving your business forward? How easy is it to get into the busy and forget about the important stuff?

What do you spend your time on? 

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? If you are like most you grab the phone sitting beside your bed. Or you scramble to find it buried between the sheets because you fell asleep reading something.

Focus is fast becoming the number on asset of excellent knowledge age worker. Property management professionals everywhere – it’s time to raise the stakes. It’s time to lay the phone down and get some serious quality work done.

Now before you start defending your opinion on the subject – let me say this. I’m not suggesting you put the phone in the drawer and ignore for the full day. I am suggesting you set blocks of time whereby you ignore the incoming text messages, emails and phone calls. Ignore the status updates and the urge to kill the next round of angry birds or fill in your word for a friend.

Raise the stakes and make some good work happen.

My guess – if you are looking to differentiate yourself from the pack; the skill of focus will be your linchpin.

Your always raising the stakes multifamily maniac,



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  • disqus_efp0a1tpQ3

    Well the first
    thing that I do in the morning is pour my cup of coffee so that I can open my
    eyes. I agree people are so obsessed with the virtual world that they forget to
    live in the one they are standing in. In order to truly focus you have to be
    able to quite the mind, and be able to drown out the technology static.

  • Hana

    So, you’re saying I should stop stalking your blog feed and start working?

    • Ha!!!! No – please keep reading. I love the feedback. But a fair question nonetheless!