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Site Visit


One of the key truisms in property management, business and life in general is inspect what you expect. And you can’t do that without a good plan.

Visiting your sites is part of that plan. It is likely ‘the’ key to insuring that your standards and expectations are met over a long bit of time. You can never compromise on this point.

The minute you do is the minute you lose touch. And losing touch can be the kiss of death to a property.

Know Your Plan

To the point of today’s post – have your roadmap written out before you step onto the property. I’ve seen it happen too many times. If you don’t keep to an agenda – the conversation wanes. At best it picks up loose and random points that fail to move the business forward.

A written plan keeps you on track and insists that you hit the key points that drive results. Write it out the day before. Keep it in front of all parties during the meeting. Take notes on it. And use it as a way to track action items for the next meeting.

Your always have a roadmap Multifamily Maniac,


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