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Who are You Trying to Please?

Apartment marketing types – who is it that you are trying to please? The target? The customer? Your owner? Your boss? The apartment marketing award of the year panel?

Marketing apartments is an all on, all in and all the time business. It involves every touch point from curb to commode. Additionally, it involves every key player from the porter to the president. And everybody must understand who they are trying to please. Make the point crystal clear.

Who is it?

Your leaving it up to you to define Multifamily Manic,


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  • Oscar

    I would like to find out myself “who exactly your property managers (mills properties) are trying to please”
    I was glad to read in one of your blogs that at least the upper management in Mills properties are not just worried about the bottom line or are unreasonable. In one of your blog you mentioned that family is important, therefore I would like to share my last weekend episode with you. I was visiting St Louis to visit my 78 year old mother last weekend.
    My mother had a shoulder surgery last month. Instead of spending relax time with my mother, we were shocked to receive a letter from your management asking her to vacate the apartment on Jan, 31st. My mother was horrified to receive the letter. She misplaced her renewal letter as she was busy with surgery. I went to manager office to find out how the lease can be renewed or extended, but your manager refuse to give us reason as to why lease cant be extended or renewed.
    This is season for joy and happiness but your manager’s are acting like scrooge in asking 78 year old lady to vacate her apartment in the middle of winter when the temperature is 25 F.
    Therefore, i strongly recommend that you should ask your property managers this question. Because all the marketing efforts and hard work can be flushed down the toilet if the core customer is not treated well and is not happy with the product. Please let us (your blog readers) know the answer “who your property managers are trying to impress”

    • Oscar,

      Thank you for taking the time to pass along your concern. Can you help me by sending me an email at mbrewer@millsproperties.net? Please let me know where your mother lives and I can try and assist her.

      Thank you again for taking the time.