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1:1 Guiding Principle for 2014

Are you looking for a guiding principle for 2014? A guiding principle that relates to marketing and leadership? I have a principle that will have a real impact on your business?


Look no further than 1:1. Stop marketing to the masses and stop leading based on mass appeal. Instead look for ways that you can market 1:1. Look for ways that you can lead people 1:1.

We have so much information at our fingertips these days. Information that helps us understand people at a deeper level. You have everything you need to make a true impact.

Social media has given us a window into people’s lives. It’s up to us as marketers to use that information in an proper way and in a way that impacts their lives.

Stop trying to get 7,000 people to like your Facebook page. Stop trying to get 25,000 people following you on Twitter. It’s ridiculous. The real value of social media is not at the massive level, It’s at the 1:1 level.

Random Rant

It’s amazing to me how much of relationship marketing gets recycled by social media pundits. Gary Vaynerchuk (mad props and much respect) can create a slide deck of the most ridiculously obvious information and people think it’s the most amazing thing ever said. If we all stopped for just a second and thought about all those very cool things that we learned in kindergarten, things like:  please, thank you and excuse me; things like: waiting your turn to talk; actively listening to the other person and speaking respectfully when we disagree, we would quickly realize that one to one relationship is nothing new. In fact it’s old-school.

I bet we could sit down with a sales rep or customer service agent from 25 years ago and discern that the truisms are no different today than they were back then. The only difference now is the sheer efficiency with which we can communicate. And the forever captured record when we do.

Back to 1:1

Simple point – stop trying to scream from the giant social media megaphone. Instead – get real and get deep into 1:1.

Your getting back to 1:1 Multifamily Maniac,


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