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Healthy – Fitbit

Thinking a little bit more about the healthy piece of healthy, wealthy and wise.

Tosha chimed in yesterday with a comment that spoke to fitbit – A wearable technology that tracks vital statistics about one’s health and welfare.

It made me think that we should give one to every person that moves in and or renews at one of our Mills communities in 2014.

Mike Whaling carried it a step further by suggesting that we could create competition amongst our communities. Even goes going so far as to creative a leaderboard on our website. He suggested the hashtag #LetsMove STL I love it!

All of that made me think that we could create a movement across America. One property management company at a time. One property at a time. We could pit companies of like unit count against one another. We could pit cities of like sized population/multifamily unit count against one another. And we could pit property management company employees against one another. It would compelling and inspirational. Think of the amazing stories that would be born out of such an effort.

I’m not a detail oriented guy however I have to believe there is an amazing competition that can be created in all of this. And all under the premise of good health.


Your, loving this idea, Multifamily Maniac


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  • Tosha Lane

    I Love these ideas!!! Would make people want to stay also!! Would also make for some great conversation and activities at Pool Parties!! I wonder if Fitbit would sponsor or discount the device knowing the movement across Mills and the US?