Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Increase Laundry Revenue Overnight

Not a novel thought by any stretch but I can’t believe the impact of having Wi-Fi in your laundry room. It’s off the charts.

Install it and They Will Come

They will come and they will hangout and they will spend. We decided to put Wi-Fi in the clubhouse of a student property last year (I know – so very late to the game on this one) with no regard for the financial impact it would have on laundry income. So imagine my surprise when revenue went up 30.9%.

Nothing changed about the room. Occupancy is stable, cost per wash and dry is exactly the same and hours of operation are in line with last year. The only change to the equation is Wi-Fi.

What do I say that – #gameon 

Your headed out to put Wi-Fi in every laundry room Multifamily Maniac,



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