Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

We Don’t Care

The following is a list of things that scream – We Don’t Care – to our future or current residents and any other person we do business with:

Broken curbs

Peeling paint on curbs

Old asphalt

The parking lot that needs restriping

Uneven curb stops

Weeds in the cracks of the sidewalks

Dead or wilting flowers

Washed out bark mulch

Bushes that are not manicured

Trees with an inordinate number of suckers protruding from the trunk

Edging that’s done with the weed-eater instead of a steel blade

Signage that’s fading

Banners that are anchored on three corners while the fourth flaps in the wind

Scratched up paint on the front door
Door knob that is in need of a good polish

Fingerprints on the front door glass

Scotch tape remnants from prior weeks, months or even years of temporary signage

And that’s all before they make it inside.

Your little things matter in a big way Multifamily Maniac,


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  • Broken website links. Misspellings and typos in emails. Impersonal responses. Corporate double-speak in replies to reviews. Poor quality photos … that’s all before they ever make it to the property.

    • So very right Mike Whaling! You stole my thunder for the follow up piece to this –

  • Mindy Sharp

    These are so obvious – are we sometimes blind to our own shortcomings? It’s distressing to think we don’t care! Sometimes, onsite teams are not given enough capital monies to fix the big things, but come on! Weeds and suckers growing are inexcusable. Great topic and thoughts. I also might add this: overflowing trash cans, litter and dust bunnies underneath leasing desks …

    • The devil is in the details as they say! Mindy Sharp – thank you for taking the time to chime in – really appreciate it. Come back anytime – you thoughts, ideas and opinions are always welcome.

      I hope your week is a most compelling one.

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