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Website Theme

I think we’ve all made the observation that Google does a good job of theming their website. Be it a holiday or a historic point in time – Google will theme its search engine logo. It is true fun and elicits emotion.

Is there a multifamily application of this that make sense?

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  • Tosha Lane

    We actually theme our site for holidays and events….I bet if you wanted to know how to do this for Mills, we could help you. 🙂

    • T

      Something tells me you could. I might upset my good friend Mike Whaling over at 30lines. He is the rock behind our website.

      Have a smashing weekend!


      • I love this idea, especially with current residents coming back each month to pay rent. We had snow falling on your website earlier this month, but I’m sure there’s more we can do. Let’s have some fun, M … we’re game!

        • #gameon14 – Maybe we start with nailing down frequency. Is monthly too frequent? Would quarterly be better or should it be event/seasonally driven?

          • Your call. Maybe we team up with some local St. Louis artists and have them create new versions of the Mills logo each month. With the new homepage design, maybe we occasionally swap out the feature property image with local artwork or photography.

  • Tosha Lane

    I don’t want to upset Mike….Its obvious he has done a Great job on your websites!! 🙂 Kudos Mike and Mike!! You both have a Wonderful Weekend as well!