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I Love Meetings; I Hate Meetings

St. Louis, Missouri, Multifamily, Mike Brewer, Mills Properties, CityView, Meeting, It’s late and I’m winding down my work day. Or so I thought. For some reason my mind is shifting to the topic of meetings.

The Good

I think it meetings are good for getting people together and discussing topics that are necessary to move your business forward.

Meetings are necessary to make sure that people are on the same page.

Meetings are good for getting information out in a consistent fashion.

They are good for course correction.

They are good for forecasting.

They are good for keeping heads up when they would otherwise be buried in the busy work of the day.

They are good for rah-rah.

They are good for no-no.

They are good for reminding.

They are good for defining the future.

They are good for morale.

They are great for creating disciplines.

And sometimes; they are a good alternative to sleeping pills.

The Bad

Every single person in the meeting room has something valuable in their head; many times that is where it stays.

People are afraid of confrontation.

People are afraid of push-back.

People don’t believe their voice carries weight.

People are afraid of moving their business forward.

People are afraid of accountability.

People are afraid of defending an unpopular place.

People are afraid of losing momentum.

People are afraid of rocking the boat.

People are not confident.

People don’t like what others have to say about this or that or the other.

People just want the meeting to end.

People are not present.

People use that time to catch a nap.

Your thinking that I need to stop thinking about meetings Multifamily Maniac,



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  • Victoria Polston

    This is a funny and good breakdown of most meetings.
    I’ve found that normally a couple people dominate. I love when the quiet thinkers speak, it’s my favorite part!

    • I agree. When they do speak; they typically have the most compelling thoughts…