Out to Put a Dent in the Multifamily Universe

Episode 10 | Apartment Hacker | Snapchat

Going through the archives to populate the ApartmentHacker Youtube channel. It’s hard to watch! But, worth the struggle.

In this episode, I give some early thoughts on Snapchat’s platform and how it might apply to the multifamily space.

Episode 9 | ApartmentHacker | Clean is Free

In this episode, I discuss cleanliness and the need to pay attention to detail. Remember, a prospect registers everything as marketing, even if not said out loud. And, clean is free; spend abundantly. M P.S. Check out the … [Continue reading]

Episode 8 | ApartmentHacker | Cut Off Both Ends of the Ham

In this episode of ApartmentHacker, I discuss cutting off both ends of the ham. Or, better said - just because you've always done it one way doesn't mean you can't do it another way! Get relentless about questioning the status … [Continue reading]

Episode 7 | ApartmentHacker | Stop Paying Commissions for Leasing Apartments

In this episode I talk about doing away with commissions for leasing apartments. It's not a popular idea! … [Continue reading]

Episode 6 | ApartmentHacker | Snapchat

[Continue reading]

Episode 5 | Apartment Hacker | Occupancy Permits

In this episode I opine on the topic of occupancy permits and the lack of consistency germane to the inspection process. I 100% appreciate and support the need for cities and municipalities to govern building and living quality in┬átheir respective … [Continue reading]

Episode 4 | Apartment Hacker | Servant Leadership

In Episode 4 I give you my thoughts related to Servant Leadership. Leadership is something I've held front and center in my career. I believe leaders are┬ámade with the right amount of love, care and respect. There is no SOP for leadership … [Continue reading]

Episode 3 |ApartmentHacker | Disrupters are Disrupting

In episode 3 of ApartmentHacker I talk about disrupters like: Uber and Airbnb disrupting our definition of the customer experience. It's fascinating stuff and if you're not paying attention; your property can/will suffer. Your constantly … [Continue reading]

Episode 2 | ApartmentHacker | One Per Hundred

Responding to some thoughts on the topic of - one per hundred. If you've been in the business for any length of time; you've likely heard the phrase: one-per-hundred. It refers to a ratio of one employee per 100 units owned/served and serves as a … [Continue reading]

Episode 1 | ApartmentHacker | One Take

I am taking the ApartmentHacker site down a new path starting today. A New Path This new path started with a name change (hopefully the last) from M Brewer Group to ApartmentHacker and will end with new and freshly packaged content. … [Continue reading]