Property manager team meeting topic: What is your culture?

A good topic for an property manager team meeting is to discuss your culture. I was reminded recently of a book that I read some years ago. The book spoke to one man’s opinion of the principles of marriage. He started the book with an analogy of aroma. He suggested that one could quickly gauge the spiritual aroma of a home by spending just a little time inside. He went on to say that “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” I must say the analogy fits.

I liken it to the aroma (culture) of our leasing offices and or maintenance team office. Can you tell what it is?

What if you called back of 5 of the last prospects that visited your apartment leasing center tomorrow? Ask them what they thought aroma was like. Call the prospects that visited while you were not in the office. What did they think?

Discuss the findings in your next team meeting. If you are lacking, brainstorm on ways to make it more inviting. If you are knocking a home run then take the time to celebrate.

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Author: Mike Brewer

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