Away goes the mouse and the kiosk of the NOW

You have undoubtedly seen the new Microsoft Surface technology by now. Can you say, virtual tour on steroids? I see a day when we have these in our business offices as tools to lease apartment homes. Those early adopters that figure how out to fully utilize the technology will have the beyond cool factor. We will call it the uber-cool factor. It will be like the 5 year old little boy with brown hair that leads his father as he walks on to a plane for the first time. Just crossing the threshold he runs into the captain, looks both ways and loudly exclaims, WOW! This technology in our office will be like that for our prospects.
We wrote about the this technology in the early part of last year and at the time it was still in testing phase. Now AT&T is using it their retail outlets as a sales tool. Apparently you can lay items on it to get product descriptions.
We could use this for everything from key check out to starting up the coffee maker and making the OS cookies in the morning.

I bet we could brainstorm 100 uses for this technology right here on this blog….what do you say? I’ll start.

1. We could get rid of the computer mouse when our monitors are all touch.
2. We could get rid of the key check out log and maybe avoid buying that very very expensive KeyTrak system. (On that note, when is someone going to come along and provide a reasonable alternative to KeyTrak? I love the product and have worked with it in the past but WOW are they pricey).
3. We could take pictures on the tour, come back and download them to the MS Surface, organize them and mash them up into a truly original and specific property brochure that we could print and certainly send .pdf to their email address. Get this, it would be WOW enough that they would send it to their friends.

Yikes, my mind is on overload and I need to hit the shower before I head in for the day.

Have an amazing Friday and drop your WOW use for the above technology in the comment section. M

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Author: Mike Brewer

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