Apartment Marketing: Focus Inward

“We need more traffic.” “What are you doing to drive more traffic?”

Marketing Apartment QuestionsSeth penned a great piece on turning the focus around: Speaking when they care (reorganizing the economics and attitude of customer service). A quick quote defines the importance of doing so.

That means that if your organization has a stall, deny and avoid policy when it comes to customer interaction, you will almost certainly be defeated if a competitor comes up with a scalable way to delight.

Front Door 

As marketers, we have an innate need to drive traffic. We are called on by legions of apartment property managers and C-level executives who are more times than not shouting the mantra – “We need more traffic.” “What are you doing to drive more traffic?”

Back Door

My new (but not really new) mantra back – “What are you doing to serve the people who live in your community today?” “When is the last time you talked to someone who toured your apartment community or lives in your community today?” “Have you taken time to define the interests of the people who live in your community?”

Action Item

Make it an absolute never dying over the top habit of calling one person who has any association with your community(ies) every single day of the work week. Or, for you one-hundred and ten-percenter(s) out there – call them on the weekend. Do it without fail.

One Question

Ask them one question – Would you refer us to your friends? And, let the conversation flow from there…


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Author: Mike Brewer

Out to put a dent in the multifamily universe. Love compelling conversation...