No more Apartment Leasing Commissions

No more apartment leasing commissionsI have been toying with the idea for a long bit of time. Then I ran across a report titled: A New Approach to Motivation Mediocre Agents . In reading through it the following quote caught my eye and instantly brought validity to my long-lasting thought about paying zero commissions.

Imagine you could construct a sales robot, programmed solely by the rules in any sales structure. How would it behave? It would steal deals off other sales people, sell customers campaigns they didn’t need, argue with its boss over its commission and back stab its colleagues.” Any of this sound familiar?

Pay Them Right and Treat Them Well

Take the game out of it. And, trust me it is a game. People get down right robot on each other all the time. If they call and I write a guest card and then you show them and they lease, it’s mine. Or, its half mine. Or if they call but show up when I am at lunch and you tour them, it’s yours. Or, any variation you can think of. Every office in America has an unwritten protocol with regard to how commissions get paid out.

Away With The Evil Apartment Leasing Commission

Let’s come up with a good and fair market rate [inclusive of assumed commissions] and be done. It takes the angst out of the picture and leaves everyone to focus on killing people with kindness and good service.

Any thoughts on the subject – would love to read them in the comment box below.

Your – ready to do away with the sacred cow apartment leasing commission – multifamily maniac,


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Author: Mike Brewer

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