Employee Rent Concessions

Employee Rent ConcessionThis week we are rounding out our budget concession discussion with the topic of employee concessions. People are the difference that make a difference in property management. I would argue that it is not location location location but rather people people people that make or break the present and future value of an asset. You can have the best location on planet earth with the worst people and you are guaranteed sub-par valuation. Relocate that asset to a B+ location and team it with A+ characters and you will have yourself a winner. It really is all about the people. And, employee rent concessions are one way of saying thank you.

Value in Responsive Service

Beyond the concept of reward, concessions can be looked at as incentive for an employee to live on-site. There are clear advantages to owners when an employee lives on-site. It lends well to responsive customer service, especially if that employee works on the service side. As an example, if you have an A/C go out after hours, he/she can provide rapid and responsive service. If you provide lock-out services; the idea of rapid response is a real plus. In the event of a major crisis, employees living on-site can act as first responders in the way of organize and deploying crisis  management protocols.

Things to Think About

I have seen this amount vary over the years and is certainly subject to ownership or property management protocols. It typically ranges from 15% to 100% and is credited monthly over the course of a lease term. It also typically carries a caveat in the way of an employee addendum that spells out strict concession payback and move-out protocols if the work relationship turns sour.

The biggest thing to consider is IRS implications. Always consult a good tax attorney when thinking about giving away money as I am certain our great Uncle will want his part.

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Author: Mike Brewer

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