Quality Content in Curbs

…to this day I still remark about the curbs.

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” – Milton Hershey

Quality from curb to commode – it’s all content and it all counts. It’s all marketing. It all speaks to the personality of your property. It becomes the interesting quality or qualities that people remark about when they talk to their friends, family and strangers about your apartment community.

Spring Time Quality

Roughly five years ago, I lived in Portland, Oregon. I lived in an apartment community just south of the city proper. And, to this day I still remark about the curbs. They were clean, crisp and freshly painted every month. They had it down to a science and I would tell you that it made a huge difference. I would also confess that they have become content to me and thus free advertising/marketing for them.

Content is in Everything

Content did not begin with books, newspapers and magazines. It didn’t magically show up with websites, blogs, Twitter or Facebook. It has been around from the dawn of time. And, the important thing to note is that you can make any piece of content sing quality. With a little bit of focus, a little bit of elbow grease and a little bit of care – you can even make your curbs rock. And, if you are moving to Portland anytime soon, hit me up – I will refer you to a great apartment community.

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Author: Mike Brewer

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