Spell them out. And, work is painful.


To live and act in a way that are in concert with the things that I value: family, health, abundance, wealth, character, courage, action, knowledge, truth, joy for life, love, relationship and a purpose larger than me.

Know your Ideals

Roughly twelve years ago I sat down and worked through a series of questions that helped me discern the things that I valued most. The creed above is in part what I accomplished through that exercise. I have read that sentence along with several others nearly every morning since as a part of getting my day rolling.


Awesome – right? Big hairy audacious goals/aspirations.  But, if I were called to task today and asked to report out on my progress with any one of the points above, I would be compelled to tell you that I have fallen short on every single point. In some cases, I really mucked it up.

Why? Commitment. 

Someone once told me that all the good intentions in the world are worth nothing unless followed through with. And, I promptly followed the beat of my own drum. And, you know what I learned? That commitment is hard work. But, it is work worth doing. It took me a long bit of time to get it but I get it and so can you.

Do the Work

Commitment is hard damn work no matter how you slice it. And, to the extent that you put it off – it only becomes harder. And, at some point you give up or you give in.

Not today my good fellows – today is a great day to lay it down. Hear the noise and ignore it. Focus. Feel the pain and do it anyway. Rob procrastination and negative emotions of their power. Get a creed – read it everyday and most important – Act.

Pick one thing and do it today then come back and tell us about it.

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Author: Mike Brewer

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