Exaggerated Response

To the point: over-communicate

Do it in an Exaggerated Way

Quick story for your Monday morning reading pleasure. I can’t recall where and when I read this but it has been some time. The story made an impact on me because it was – in my mind – an exaggerated response to an otherwise routine request for service.

The story was about a plumbing company that made over doing it a part of their service routine. If they were called out to unclog a drain, they took the time to tidy up the space under the sink, mop the floor and vacuum the floor mats. And, get this – they cleaned up any and all dirty dishes in and around the sink. Whoa! #gameon

People are the Difference that Makes a Difference

If people are the difference then suffice it to say that their actions and behaviors are the tell. Are you acting and behaving in a manner that is exaggerated? Do you take projects beyond what is expected? Do you push your team to do the same?

The point after the point: do something today that rocks the socks off of the people who you serve.

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Author: Mike Brewer

Out to put a dent in the multifamily universe. Love compelling conversation...