Water Trucks are the New Snow Removal Expense

We, at Mills Properties, have been celebrating a very positive variance in all of our financial reporting as of late. No winter equals big numbers flowing to the bottom line in the way of savings.

Heat Wave

That is until the country slipped into the worst heat wave in real recent history. Unless you are living under a rock (which is possibly a smart thing given the temps), you know that it’s crazy hot outside. And, like humans, plants can not survive the extreme heat. Especially when you factor in the indexes or how impervious surfaces and or humidity effect air temperatures.

Water Trucks

Call in the water trucks. We are electing to call in water trucks to keep the plants alive. We all know that clean, healthy and well-maintained landscape makes a huge difference in the leasing and retention arenas. So bite the bullet and give up the snow removal surpluses. Keep the plants alive so your occupancy will survive and thrive.

Your burning up in this heat multifamily maniac,


Author: Mike Brewer

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