Solve for Lonely

And that does not mean they need to attend our pool party or resident function.

Roughly 20% of the of the total American population suffers from some form of loneliness. Some healthy percentage of that number live in apartment communities. As we all know, property managers wear many hats. And one of those hats runs akin to the various professional counseling services.

Solve for Lonely

  • Say hello to people
  • Smile when you see them
  • Wave
  • Wave from afar and yell their name out
  • Make random monthly calls to people – just because
  • Drop by someones apartment unexpectedly
  • Pull out their social data – likes, dislikes, what they collect, what they like to do in their spare time.
  • Don’t wait until renewal time to give them the free prize inside
  • Don’t settle on typical renewal concessions, carpet cleaning, or fixture updating
  • Make people feel like a million bucks
  • Go for something people will talk about –

How do you get to that last point?

By exercising all the points before it. If you learn through conversation that Charles likes music – drop him a random iTunes gift card – just because. If Mike loves Starbucks – drop him a gift card out of the blue (My friend Michael Cunningham did in fact send me such a gift). I thought that was pretty darn cool and I still talk about it.

People Need a Push

People are lonely and in the same respect they need a push. And that does not mean they need to attend our pool party or resident function. Sometimes that just means saying hello, smiling or dropping by. Sometimes it means a small token gift card.

Author: Mike Brewer

Out to put a dent in the multifamily universe. Love compelling conversation...