Apartment Blog Distribution in the Workplace

Learned a good lesson this week about choosing apartment blog distribution in the workplace – one I am humble enough to admit.

Real Life STL Media, an entity of Mills Properties, published a post today that was called into question. Not in the way you might think. It was not by an outside source but rather an insider.

Distribution Channels Matter

Not an hour after publishing a piece of content on our apartment lifestyle blog; I received a call from one of our internal team members suggesting the content was not okay for the workplace. An assertion that I didn’t understand in the moment. But after some discussion laced with examples, it dawned on me that the content was not the problem but rather the distribution channel.

You see, several weeks ago we decided to subscribe every team member (leaving the opt out statement clearly in place – so you could unsubscribe if you wanted to) to the blog via internal work email addresses. At the time we thought that would be a good way to gain exposure. In hindsight I can see that people should always have a choice to opt in or out of what they want to see. That is as true in the secular world as it is in the professional work place.

We had two choices – tone down the content or do a mass unsubscribe.

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Author: Mike Brewer

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