Pick Me Pick Me

I think is human nature for us to wait for someone to pick us.

Apartment Marketing Mike Brewer. Pick Me Pick Me

I have one for you – always pick yourself when it comes time to make something happen.

I think it is human nature for us to wait for someone to pick us. We wait around thinking that all that hard work we are doing will pay off in the way of more responsibility and more money. Dare I say, it borders on entitlement. We think that someone is taking special time out of their day to check out all the blood sweat and tears that we are giving to the organization.

Hear me on this – Not So.

Pick Yourself

There is an art about advancing yourself in the business world. That art does not include the pick me syndrome. It’s two parts hard work, three parts maneuvering, one part politicking and four parts pure unadulterated art. Art in the way of taking educated but unauthorized risks. Not the bet the farm type – although don’t rule those out. No – I am talking about the self-initiated projects that everyone knows needs to get done but no one else is willing to step up and do. Such as:

Setting up a blog

Setting up a Facebook page

Setting up a Twitter account

Challenging out-of-place legacy policy and procedures

Organizing a North County Leasing Consultant Summit

Learning everything about your local utility subsidies and applying it to your property

Starting a leadership book club for your fellow property managers

Pick Yourself Today

What are you going to start?

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Author: Mike Brewer

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