Stop the Insanity: Nurture Your Leads

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How do you decide what to spend your time on?

  • Are you a planner – someone who looks into the future, sees the desired outcome, and builds a map to take you there?
  • Or are you a feeler – someone who goes with their gut, reacts to what is happening around you, and takes massive amounts of action?

Neither is right or wrong. Both come down to personality, preference, background, upbringing, habits, world-view, and maybe even company culture.

Both planners and feelers can have success. We’ve all seen some planners map out and execute successful initiatives while others fail to implement their grand schemes. Similarly, we’ve seen feelers go on to achieve great success while others flounder in the day-to-day.

Both can also fail.

The key to success in both scenarios, I’ve noticed, comes down to the way systems are integrated into our daily lives to help manage the day-to-day.

Stop the Insanity

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I say insanity is spending our time on menial tasks – those that can be done better and more efficiently by other people or systems – instead of focusing on larger, more important, higher-ROI tasks. (Tweet This Quote)

What is the most valuable thing you can be doing for your organization?

  • Is it bringing new ideas and concepts to the table?
  • Balancing the books?
  • Constructing new developments?
  • Meeting with prospects one-on-one?

Whatever it is, your goal should be to reduce the amount of friction (time and energy) it takes to complete all of the other tasks so you can pour as much of yourselves into the ones that help your businesses grow and thrive.

In a community manager’s world, it comes down to two things:

  1. Talking with prospective future residents.
  2. Keeping current residents as happy as possible.

Think about the impact these two tasks could make:

  • lower turnover and higher closing ratios,
  • decrease leads needed to hit occupancy quotas,
  • increase referrals,
  • decrease complaints,
  • increase review scores, and
  • decrease late rent occurrences.

The Challenge

The challenge for community managers is that talking to people isn’t the only thing they are required to do. They are often in charge of collecting rents, running reports, managing community events, mailing marketing campaigns, and checking social media. As a result, their attempts to build strong relationships with current and future residents gets watered down.

Lead Nurturing

Top Line Leads is a tool built to help community managers follow up with guests who have requested more information about a community – automatically. 30 Lines has developed this new lead nurturing system for apartment communities to deliver highly relevant information over the course of six to nine months based on an apartment hunter’s expected move-in date.

Why? Because better systems lead to better customer service. And better customer service boosts your bottom line.

Interested in Learning More?

30 Lines is holding a webinar on Monday, July 1st entitled The Impact of Nurturing Your Leads. Sign up for free to learn how you can help your community managers be more effective and convert more of your website’s traffic.