Making It Happen

Cheers to not just reading, sharing, and believing, but actually Making It Happen.

Those of us in the marketing field are constantly being pushed to be creative, think of new ideas, come up with something unlike anything else. While I love creativity, brainstorming, throwing out ideas and thinking big, what I love even more is acting, doing, and creating results.

make it happenThis year I’m challenging myself to put into play some inspirations that I feel are game changers. What puts one in front of all others? Getting it done, making it happen.

– Game Changers –

1. Striving Every Day To Be The Best Company To Work For: I’ve read several articles lately on Property Management Insider which have really inspired me. This is one particular. By really listening to your associates and what they need to be effective in making prospects and residents happy, you not only empower your associates, but make your prospects and residents happy. Review those policies that seem to be weighing you down and change them. It’s that easy.

2. Getting Back To The Basics: Mike made a reference recently about thinking inside the box. At our last marketing meeting we touched on this exact subject. Many marketers feel their role is to constantly think outside the box; big ideas, be different, and all that jazz. How about be the best? It doesn’t take grand ideas or even grand gestures (unless there’s a grand problem). It takes consideration, a smile, commitment and follow-through. You don’t need jacuzzi tubs and massage rooms, you need genuine associates who take the time to listen, care, and follow through with the daily needs of your prospects and residents.

3. Wowing Prospects: Another inspiring article I read discussed Making Apartment Tours Memorable. Apartment tours , in my opinion, are like shopping in a retail store. Sure you smile at the sales person, let them tell you about their Buy 2 sweaters, Get 1 half-off special, and maybe even ask if they have your size in the back, but you don’t really be-friend them. You’re not really comfortable with them, and you’re just waiting for them to persuade you to buy something. Rather than walk the prospect through the vacant apartment, walk your new friend through your unfurnished model home. Rather than show them the tan carpet and the white walls, show them the surprise take-home chocolate bar in the refrigerator and take note of the delicious aroma from the homemade cookie candle. Wow them with an amazing new apartment home, don’t sell them on a vacant unit.

4. Responding to Reviews: This is something we have taken up over the recent months. Last year we opened the floor for reviews on our website, thinking we might get away from the anonymous, anything goes comments. We were wrong. We’ve since made some changes and now require legitimacy. Name, e-mail, value. In my opinion, the point of a review is to get feedback or resolution. If we’re talking to anonymous who used a fake email and will never see our response for lack of caring, there is no value. We want to be able to use the feedback to find out where we need improvement and find resolutions. We’ve begun responding and working with our reviewers to make changes. And that, I believe, will make all the difference.

Cheers to not just reading, sharing, and believing, but actually Making It Happen.

Author: JHerzog

Jessica doesn’t know how to cook and survives pretty much on macaroni and cheese and pizza, so naturally, loves to eat out at restaurants. However, one day when she is married and has a family to cook for, she would love to take cooking classes and learn awesome skills like the chefs on Iron Chef America.