Apartment Business is a Media Business

Apartment marketers are in the media business. Let’s face it; if you’re in the business of going after attention – you’re in the media business. We are all in the business of drawing attention to our respective communities so by default we’re in the media business. And you better understand the game.

Attention Economy

There is a great line that goes something like thisĀ – We are living in an attention economy. The premise being that consumers attention spans are diminishing at an ever accelerating pace. So true considering a recent study that suggests that a-spans are down from a mere 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today. That leads me to believe that those who would compete for one’s attention better do it in a meaningful way. And native advertising is one of your keys.

Go Native

The best example I can give you for native advertising is what Levi’s is doing on Instagram. They post four pics of people just like you and me wearing Levi’s Jeans in amazing over-the-top outdoor spaces. The ad looks just like a pic that any of us would heart. And in that I see an apartment spin.

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Author: Mike Brewer

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