Human Behavior

For the savvy apartment marketer

At the deepest levels we multifamily types are forever students of behavior.

For you bottom-liners; we are in the business to lease more apartments.

But, for you that understand that the multifamily business is in place to serve the people who serve it; the study of behavior and the power it yields is where it’s at.

Strip it down to the brass tacks and you have – the study of people and their actions.

For the analytic among us – a problem is a set of numbers.

For the servants among us – a problem is human and compelled by care, compassion and empathy.

For the savvy apartment marketer – creativity can change the way people think, feel and ultimately act/behave.

Human behavior is a very compelling body of knowledge and well worth the time and effort to study and understand.

Understand behavior and you get at the core of a persons needs.

Powerful stuff when you think about it in the context of one of the most fundamental needs of all – shelter (read: apartments).

Your thinking deeply about human behavior Multifamily Maniac,



Author: Mike Brewer

Out to put a dent in the multifamily universe. Love compelling conversation...