Let me start by saying this arctic blast is for the polar bears. As a runner; I cringe every morning when my 5a alarm goes off. Just the thought of putting on three layers of running pants – two layers of long-sleeved shirts, two types of running jackets along with gloves a ski-mask and a wool cap – makes me tired. Makes me want to do some real-time communication (RTC) with the winter-master himself.

How do you like that for a transition?

RTC is not a new technology by any stretch and in the same respect I don’t consider it a mainstream business tool in the multifamily space. At least not as a sales tool. But that all may change soon.

Skip over here for a more precise definition. In the meantime – trust me, there are some extremely cool implications related to this technology.

It’s finally catching up with the visionaries.

Virtual Tour 3.14159265359 

My imagination tells me that we will soon lead guided on-line demonstrations. Demonstrations that will include activities like swiping the screen to open doors to your clubhouse/leasing office, the front door of a model apartment, closet doors, appliance doors, cabinet doors, storage doors and the like. All the while a leasing/sales person engages the customer in a real-time conversation.

RTC will give both the apartment shopper and the leasing person the ability to control each others device. At least as it relates to the tour/demonstration. Want to hear jazz in the background as we walk – no worries. It automatically cues based on the persons listening preferences as shared by their iTunes, Spotify or other platform. Care to look at the pool, fitness room, etc – will do as directed by the shopper. A sort of pick-your-story-ending type tour.

Want to complete an application? Already pre-populated with Chrome like instincts and signed with any of a number of on-line signature apps.


Mark Juleen so aptly points out that11025998_10153651271118747_2296569117393536336_n (1) the ILS is dying. He is right but not for long. RTC is part of the answer and the ILS’s will beat everyone to this point. Why? Dollars and Cents.

They just have to look at it from a different angle. Certainly not the Jeff Goldblum angle (although – he is cool). And not from the bickering like small children (see flier – funny but really?) angle (my click is bigger than yours).

Your looking forward to what will come of RTC Multifamily Maniac,


Author: Mike Brewer

Out to put a dent in the multifamily universe. Love compelling conversation...