Episode 1 | ApartmentHacker | One Take

I am taking the ApartmentHacker site down a new path starting today.

A New Path

This new path started with a name change (hopefully the last) from M Brewer Group to ApartmentHacker and will end with new and freshly packaged content. And, we are finally getting a logo. Not that I care so much about the logo but it will be a nice touch and hopefully help in the area of identity and recognition. All good change in my opinion but I am most excited about something I’ve not mentioned – video.

Producing Video

I’ve spent the past two months of nights and weekends producing 60 plus/minus short form videos for my Facebook page. And now that I have a library of content I am going to start sharing it here. For some of you; this is old news. For those who don’t follow me on FB; I hope you like what you see.

It’s a Process

I will admit; the first 25 plus/minus videos capture an absolute amateur trying to find his feet. While that is still the case today; I can tell it’s getting better. And my aim over time is to really refine the messages, the length and the overall production.

As you will hear in the first video; I took a page out of Gary Vanyerchuk’s and Dr. James Rouse’s playbook. In the early days Gary went with one-take vids. No edits. The same is still true for Dr. James with his daily offerings on FB.

Enjoy the Ride

I jumped in with no real expectation except to get started and get better over time.

With that, I hope you enjoy the new look when it goes live and I hope you enjoy the video content.

Your always trying something new Multifamily Maniac,


Author: Mike Brewer

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