ApartmentHacker Weekly Podcast Recap Episodes 21-25

In ApartmentHacker episodes 21-25, I discuss my thoughts on everything from education to my desire to be enriched in the multifamily space. Buckle up and enjoy. And, push back where you see fit in the comment section below.

Episode 21 | ApartmentHacker | Education

Episode 22 | ApartmentHacker | Effort

Episode 23 | ApartmentHacker | You read What?

Episode 24 | ApartmentHacker | Serve the Customer

Episode 25 | ApartmentHacker | I Want to be Enriched

ApartmentHacker Podcast Weekly Recap 16-20

ApartmentHacker Episodes 16-20. I discuss everything from

Episode 16 – The power of the Handwritten Note

Episode 17 – The importance of creating a Pipeline

Episode 18 – Hire Right

Episode 19 – Management by Aspiration

Episode 20 – The Perfect Email Signature

Episode 6-10 | ApartmentHacker

ApartmentHacker is now a podcast, and you can get it on your favorite Podcast Player. I’ll also post the episodes here in batches of five. And, from time to time I’ll add additional commentary.

For those of you that have been around since our beginning in 2007, Thank you! And, for those of you new to ApartmentHacker – hang on, we have a ton of new ideas in store.

Episode 6 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 7 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 8 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 9 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 10 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 8 | ApartmentHacker | Cut Off Both Ends of the Ham

Get relentless about questioning the status quo!

In this episode of ApartmentHacker, I discuss cutting off both ends of the ham.

Or, better said – just because you’ve always done it one way doesn’t mean you can’t do it another way!

Get relentless about questioning the status quo!

Your, always challenging the status quo ApartmentHacker,


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Episode 6 | ApartmentHacker | Snapchat