Multifamily Monday: What do to Today

Who could you reach out to today that would help your business down the road?

It is another Multifamily Monday! And, it will likely be a crazy mad rush to get things addressed that came in over the weekend. In that mad rush of things to-do, don’t forget to foster a new relationship.

What to do Daily

Who could you reach out to today that would help your business down the road? A local community center? A local boys/girls club? A local restaurant? Any local business owner? Think about the eco-system that exists right around your community. The eco-system that is an extension of your community. Think about how you can create real-ationships with those people. Real – built on help them with real issues and problems they may have.

Don’t Ask For Anything in Return

Call anyone of these people up today and ask them what their number one problem is. Don’t try to solve it over the phone but do try to understand what it is. And, ask if he/she minds if you take a stab at offering up some solutions. Then take time during your weekly team meeting this week to brainstorm with your team. Come up with ideas that would be valuable to that owner. Then package those solutions in a brief, call ahead and then deliver via email. No strings attached.


Do it again.

Your reaching out and providing value to your extended community multifamily maniac,


Apartment Community Amenities: Promote Mystery

In lieu of printing, posted and plastering the thing all over our social media streams

About two months ago we decided to install a dog park at Brookside Apartments – one of our student properties in Carbondale, Ill. In lieu of printing, posted and plastering the thing all over our social media streams – we just let the process play out.

Power in Mystery

After working through the logistics and contract negotiations we settled on a spot and let the construction begin. What happened next was pure entertainment – are you building a pool? Are you building a new building? Volleyball courts? – Wait, it’s too big to be a pool! Arg, what is it? All the common questions begin to filter through the wifi lounge, the community and into our leasing center. That is until we could not take it any more and we disclosed.That said, we learned a real time lesson as it relates to WOM.

Apartment Marketing Stimulants

Tell them but don’t tell them. We have a number of other amenities and improvements that we are doing to this property over the next one to three years with each one major in scope. Taking the lesson from the dog park mystery – we will leave the community to – guess it out – if you will. I can see some cool social media apartment amenity mysteries playing out over Facebook and other social platforms. In the spirit of – give them something to talk about – mystery takes a front seat. And, besides who doesn’t like a great guessing game or mystery? Who can resist talking about it with their friends, family and otherwise? Which is part of the point, right?

Apartment Amenity

The U-Socket Charges USB Devices Without an Adapter

I am thinking this is a must have – must install in at least one to two places in our apartments. I think for student properties – you at have a least one per bedroom – plus any and all common areas through out your community.

Buy them here – no affiliate just sharing –

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Tell Them How Much You are Moved by the Neighborhood

Don’t tell prospects and residents how much your apartments are – tell them how much you are moved by the neighborhood.

imagesDon’t tell prospects and residents how much your apartments are – tell them how much you are moved by the neighborhood.


velTell them about waking up on a crisp fall morning and taking a run in Forest Park just one block over from your apartment. Tell them about stopping back by Velocity Coffee Shop to have a cup of coffee – served by a friendly Barista named Tracy who rarely smiles but wants to. Tell them about the free copies of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the St. Louis Dispatch. Tell them about the free wifi. And, oh – it’s a bike shop too with cool bike motif everywhere. The bathroom even has a cool chalkboard where you once drew a giant dragon that looked as if it were eating the giant flower someone else drew.

Tell them about Papa John’s pizza and Subway at the end of the block where Tony and Charles remember your name and serve you with a smile. Tell them about Atlas Restaurant located in the heart of the neighborhood and the amazing food and desserts that they serve. Tell them about The Loop and The Central West End [very cool Saint Louis neighborhood hangouts] being just one mile away and don’t forget to mention the friendly cab driver resident who will drive you over while entertaining you with great conversation. Tell them about all the fun nights you had in those neighborhoods.

Tell them about Mr. and Mrs. Wang who own the dry cleaners right next door to Papa John’s and how they wash and fold clothes for $0.75 a pound. Tell them how much you love the fact that each Christmas they give your children big canisters of candy as a thank you for your business.

Tell them about the dog park even if you are not a pet lover – not even in the least.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the neighborhood that I fell in love with in Saint Louis. Oh yeah, and I lived in a great apartment that overlooked a tree lined street that looks amazing in the fall.

Tell them with conviction how much you love the neighborhood the rest will fall right into place.

Dog wash amenity to augment your bark park


From the “how cool” department – by now you are aware of the need for a dog park on your site, but what about a dog wash? I lived in Seattle a number of years ago with @sbrewer10, who had two beautiful yellow labs and we would occasionally take them to a massive public dog park near the Microsoft campus in Redmond. Afterward, we would take them to a local DIY dog wash and I remember thinking at at the time that it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. That, in spite of the fact that I am not a pet lover. Check out the link below, I could see this being a remarkable amenity on one of your sites.

Link 35344 – Convenient Canine Cleaning at

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Cent-a-meter: the ultimate measure of green

This has to be the coolest Green thing since the invention of Green. Every apartment home should have one of these. To give credit where credit is due; I got this lead from Christina Jordan over at Campus Habitat. I hope to share more about what they are doing at a later date.

The CENT-A-METER ™ is an innovative product
designed for consumers:

  • It displays
    the cost of electricity being used on
    portable easy-to-read LCD monitor inside your home;
  • You can assist energy conservation, sustain
    the environment and reduce your energy bill if you adopt simple
    and efficient energy saving practices;
  • Learn how much it costs to operate electrical
    appliances and save money;
  • Most importantly it can be used to monitor
    and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help our precious
  • It will change the way you think about energy
    use and conservation during daily activities;
  • It is a remote reading electricity monitor
    developed to meet community demands for energy efficiency;
  • It is easy to read, easy to use, and easy to
    install. It makes it easy to check the cost of operating your
    electrical appliances .

Cool move in gift for apartment or condo owners

For all the DIY’s (do it yourself) out there. Wouldn’t it be cool to give a gift like this wine rack to a resident before they move in? With wine becoming more and more popular with younger generations it might be a nice touch. Of course, so will the touch of service in the way of providing a technician to handle the install on the wall of their choice. You can pick them up here


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Do you cater to bikers in any way?

Biking is becoming more and more popular throughout the US and as such so are their needs. I have seen it in my own community in the way of bikes chained to fences, street sign posts and in our interior lobby areas.

It has me thinking about how we should cater to them so as to attract more of them.

I think bike racks are obvious and even storage outside of their apartment.

What are some your thoughts?

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