Apartment Maintenance: Turnover Paint Line

No doubt the question will come; why is my turnover paint line so off? Why are we over budget so much? 

The law that has been on again off again over the past two to three years is here and it’s real. According to a local STL rehabber blog that I read occasionaly, the EPA is coming out big in the way of fines. 

There is no doubt that many contractors and property owners are going to simply ignore this new law (it hasn’t been publicized much), but it seems that the feds have thought ahead about that. They have instituted a fine system which can charge violators up to $37,500 a day for not following the rules. Most small-time operators would probably not see such large fines, but the EPA is certainly taking a punitive approach to this new rule.

What have you done to prep for this moment? Do you use in-house painters and or contracted third parties to paint your apartments? This will no doubt be a burden for all involved. 

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Apartment Maintenance On-Call Policy

I have taken a number of questions lately on the subject of calculating compensation for on-call maintenance men and women. As such I thought I would post the important points of our policy as a way to hopefully starting some discussion.

In brief of our policy is as follows:

1. Employees are paid for one-hour minimum – if they physically leave their home to complete a call

2. They are paid at time and a half

3. They are paid mileage from their legal residence

I am curious about other nuances our there; please drop us a comment as the community is interested.

And, I do hope that you have an amazing and over the top weekend.

Apartment pest control

I received some feedback on the Moth balls and bugs post yesterday and because I’m not sure of the answer I decided to throw it out to the group. Here is the feedback – courtesy of Nathan.

“Thanks for sharing…we will have to try that out at our property!
 Any ideas how to get rid of a huge cloud of knats that are hanging out
just outside of my models front door! :)”

What I would say is that there has to be a source. I know when I see knats in my home I immediately go to the fruit bowl I keep, more times than not I have to throw something out. It usually solves the problem.

Are there any other thoughts out there relative to this problem?



Faux wood, Faux blinds….Faux grass?

Think of the savings you could achieve in your water line item not to mention you landscaping line item.

Here is a little blurb [via WSJ]

Jude Albanese doesn’t pay a landscaper or run lots of sprinklers to maintain his lawn. He has retired his mower, and he doesn’t use fertilizer. Yet the grass in front of his New Jersey home looks so lush that some passersby feel the need to bend down and touch it.

The reason is simple: The grass is fake.

“You want to enjoy your yard, but it was always work and upkeep,” says the Nutley, N.J., homeowner, who had JM Synthetic Grass Surfacing install his faux lawn last month. “Now it’s much cleaner and neater. I should have done this years ago.”


I received and email about featuring the following company on our blog and at first I thought it didn’t really match the purpose. However, the more I read about the site the more I got excited about the potential uses for it.

I thought, how cool would it be if our community of readers (the real experts) came together to solve some of the age old issues in our space? How cool would it be to brainstorm with some of the industries finest minds? How cool would it be if we recorded something that turned into an amazing business concepts that we could share with others? I don’t about you but that kind of stuff jazzes me.

But, then I thought, isn’t that what we do here with this blog?

What are your thoughts?


Maintenance, Repair and Operations

I really like what Todd is trying to do with this site. Take a look and tell me what you think.

I took the following off of the About Us section of the site.

Most property owners / managers know that property maintenance is the most
controllable expense on the property. When properly budgeted and purchasing
guidelines in place the difference on revenue can be substantial.

Vendor Solutions will utilize 25 years of experience with facility management to
focus on building a relationship between facility maintenance professionals
and MRO (maintenance,repair and operations) product suppliers.

We are committed to your business development and can help streamline your
vendor and sourcing choices in order to obtain the highest value for goods and
services from the most qualified suppliers.

Our clients will also be supported with the resources from these web sites
as well as other value added components.


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Apartment Garbage Disposal Repair

This one is for you service supervisors out there that need a little video to augment your hands on training. Think repetition. Play to the various ways of learning information.

This video demonstrates how to fix your garbage disposal.

Office teams, how many times have you tried to describe that little button on the bottom of the disposal or that cock-eyed wrench you use to get the motor going again after junior put his hot-wheel down the drain. Why not send this over instead?

Apartment Maintenace

Stanley helps you do things right. That was the jingle when I was growing up, at least I think it was.

This site is for all you service guys/gals that ever wanted to just beat the daylights out of something. Have fun with it.

On a marketing note, it seems we could develop some sort of interactive experience like this to market our apartment homes. Something like Community Theater on steriods. By the way, great product For Rent. I love it.

I wonder if we will see the day where an avatar will tour us through our virtual communities not unlike like the business’ that participate in Second Life.

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Maintenance Rally

Have you every needed to get a ton of apartments ready in short amount of time? Set up a contest. When I managed sites in Portland we had just such a opportunity. We created a contest where we hand picked two teams and pit them against each other with the goal being to turn as many apartments as they could in one day. At the end of the day my fellow RM and me judged the quality of each of the turns in order to determine a winner. That day the two teams busted out 8 turns.

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