ApartmentHacker Podcast Weekly Recap Episodes 26-30

Posting from the archives until we catch up to current episodes of ApartmentHacker vlog.

This week, I discuss customer service, telephone calls, candor, and war games.

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Episode 26 | ApartmentHacker | Don’t Make Me to Repeat Myself

Episode 27 | ApartmentHacker | I Love Listening to Telephone Calls

Episode 28 | ApartmentHacker | Hit me between the eyes

Episode 29 | ApartmentHacker | Wow the Customer

Episode 30 | ApartmentHacker | War Games

Episode 6-10 | ApartmentHacker

ApartmentHacker is now a podcast, and you can get it on your favorite Podcast Player. I’ll also post the episodes here in batches of five. And, from time to time I’ll add additional commentary.

For those of you that have been around since our beginning in 2007, Thank you! And, for those of you new to ApartmentHacker – hang on, we have a ton of new ideas in store.

Episode 6 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 7 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 8 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 9 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 10 | ApartmentHacker

Episode 6 | ApartmentHacker | Snapchat