Extreme Condo Marketing

Maybe a little over the top, or is it? Apartment marketing seems to follow the hotel and or the condo market so the following take from Fast Company might not be far off.

By Manhattan party standards, the
opening-night scene inside 344 Third Avenue last May was not unusual. A
hot DJ. Fabulous cocktails. A trio of dominatrices in thigh-high, black
patent-leather boots and top hats, wielding flyswatters. The only
discordant notes were the hour–an unfashionable 7:30 p.m.–and the
location itself: the sales office for a new condo development on East
23rd Street. Not exactly Moomba at midnight. [read more here]

The Cowboys

Did you see that game on Monday Night? I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan and have been for as long as I can remember but last night after the 46th interception that Tony Romo threw, I gave up, I threw in the towel, I almost turned off the TV at went to bed. I even started crafting my "call in sick" speech. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration but nevertheless the game was amazing. Even if the Cowboys had lost, which they deserved to, the last 4 minutes will be remembered for a long time to come.

So, here you go…How bout’ them Cowboys!!!!!

My apologies for the non-property management blog moment.

The Key to Getting Things Done is…

…ACTION! It is the all important word but it means nothing unless you move, twist, jump, hop, stumble or fall. Have you been putting something off that you could otherwise move on today? Are you the lid-lifter, the discover of a new frontier or a re-inventor? How will you know if you don’t go for it? Seth has a good take on this [Here]

Apartments are our product; marketing and customer service are our game…how can we break new frontiers?

Video Tours
Resident Feedback Portals that everyone can see and read and are hosted on our servers unedited.
24 hour offices with real physical people
Social Networks
Experience Engagements sponsored by our communities at third party locatios
Outdoor Movie Nights
Free MacBooks to the first 10 students who lease with you next school year

Are you afraid?

One of my mentor friends told me a story a long time ago. He started his business career as a door to door insurance salesman in the sixties. On the day he was telling me the story I had just lost a 110,000 sale and was devastated. I couldn’t stop going on and on about it. In his story he talked about going to hundreds of doors only to hear the word, NO or worse no words at all, just the slamming of a door. His answer to the rejection? He would walk to the end of the driveway, throw his hands in the air and celebrate by yelling YES!

The moral and message to me that day was, with every no or every failure, we get that much closer to a YES or success and ACTION was the Key.

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REIT’s catch a break

By Alex Frangos

From The Wall Street Journal Online

When the music stopped in the residential-real-estate market,
speculators who got caught with unsold houses and condos began putting them on
the market as rentals. This "shadow market" has made investors jittery about
price-destroying competition for the real-estate investment trusts that own big
apartment complexes. [read more here]

Modern Convenience

First gas stations. Then grocery stores. And now there’s even a fitness club that stays open around the clock.

Do you think the craze will ever hit our business on a mass basis? I don’t mean just the 24/7 concierge, I mean a full on leasing and maintenance team ready to serve.

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High Debt at Graduation

From the pages of the St. Louis Today;

Many in the next generation of workers will be so debt-burdened they
will have to delay home purchases, limit vacations, even eat out less
to pay loans off on time.

Kristin Cole, 30, who graduated from Michigan State University’s law
school and lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., owes $150,000 in private and
government-backed student loans. Her monthly payment of $660, which
consumes a quarter of her take-home pay, is scheduled to jump to $800
in a year or so, confronting her with stark financial choices.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a pessimist by nature but this may be a trend that will drive the age at which our coveted demographic chooses to lease an apartment home.

How to stop working and live a life of inspiration…

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life." -Confucius