Apartment Customer Service
April 21, 2015

Wow Them in the Rain

Next time it rains, meet your customer/resident in the parking lot with an umbrella. Yes – before they get out…

Apartment Marketing
April 21, 2015

Hot Wash Cloth

I went on a trip recently and near the end of the flight I received a hot washcloth. It was…

Apartment Leadership
April 16, 2015

2008 to Now

The multifamily leadership space can be described as such: Scary Guilty Painful Liberating Disorienting Exhilarating  Empowering  Frustrating  Fulfilling  Confusing  Challenging …

Apartment Marketing
April 14, 2015

Everything is an Education

Might I suggest to you that every adversity you face in your life is an opportunity for education.  Might I…

Apartment Marketing
April 5, 2015

Success is Built Sequentially

It really is that simple. Moreover and more important – it starts with Vision, Mission, Values. It doesn’t start with…

Apartment Leadership
April 3, 2015

Customer Service is Comfortably Numb

Developmental psychologists tell us that a willingness to help strangers is a trait that most people show as young as…

Apartment Leasing
March 18, 2015


I have a standing desk. It holds two monitors, a few pages of paper, two pens and two highlighters. That’s…

Apartment Leadership Apartment Marketing
March 17, 2015

Scaling Up – Culture

What is the most important responsibility of a company owner/president/ceo? Short Answer – Own and lead the Company Culture –…