And One – Idea

Take this as an opportunity to respond +1.

It happens from time to time.

A customer arrives to take occupancy of their apartment and it’s not ready.

Take this as an opportunity to respond +1.

Tell the resident they are in luck!

Tell them the apartment is receiving a little extra time and attention.

That means they get a free lunch/dinner on us.

They also get a free hour of move-in help (pre-arrange with a local moving company).

Your And One is the differentiator Multifamily Maniac,


And one…

You’ve undoubtedly seen the “and one” in a basketball game. A player drives the lane, takes a hack and makes a hoop; the ref, the crowd, the coach and teammates scream – And, ONE!

And ONE for the Customer

I have an idea for you. The next time your service tech is unclogging a bathroom sink drain, make sure they take a quick glance at the counter top. Let’s suppose the resident is nearing the end of their toothpaste tube.

Sticking with our lead theme from above; service tech drives to complete the service request, takes a hack (read: notices the toothpaste is one squeeze past gone), makes a hoop by fixing the clogged sink (read: completes baseline service) and leaves a new tube behind with a handwritten note that reads; “Noticed you were running low on paste; thought we could save you some time.” “Hope your week rocks.” (read: And, ONE!)

Your looking for some And, One… stories in 2015 Multifamily Maniac,