Customer Service is Comfortably Numb

Developmental psychologists tell us that a willingness to help strangers is a trait that most people show as young as eighteen months.

It’s an impulse to serve.

But to actually serve from this innate part of our being is to live in rarefied air.

Service Sucks Because We Are Comfortably Numb

We are numb to providing stellar customer service despite that we are born with a quality that calls us to serve. Name the excuse – I’ve likely heard them all. I’ve very likely used a couple myself.

Relentless Focus on the Customer

In 2015, Mills Properties has three core mantras, one of which is a Relentless Focus on the Customer or #rfc for short. We are going all out to make sure that customer has a story to tell. Moreover, that we give them the will and the way to tell it/share it.

Not for the reasons you might think. But rather because we look at it as therapy. Therapy that will get us back to our innate need to serve.

Your looking forward to serving in a mindful way Multifamily Maniac,