Episode 3 |ApartmentHacker | Disrupters are Disrupting

Uber and Airbnb disrupting our definition of the customer experience.

In episode 3 of ApartmentHacker I talk about disrupters like: Uber and Airbnb disrupting our definition of the customer experience.

It’s fascinating stuff and if you’re not paying attention; your property can/will suffer.

Your constantly looking at the world and how it impacts our space Apartment Hacker,


Change Your Rote

A quick shout out to all you unbelievably over-the-top amazing leasing professionals in the Multifamily world – You guys and gals rock!

I have a question for you

Are the people who take time out of their busy days to tour your respective communities getting the absolute best experience that you have to offer? Or, are they getting a rote experience? In other words is the presentation a routine fixed by habits that are in place because of repetition over time.

Be remembered

Get your personalization act together. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful sense. I mean it in the sense that you must customize your routine to create a very positive and memorable experience. You’re asking yourself, how do I do that? I have a simple one for you. Look up, smile and say hello when people walk through the front door.

I can’t tell you how many times I walk into apartment communities and get the cold shoulder. The looking down, I am busy and I don’t have time for you routine. Or the can’t you see that I’m on my device routine. Or the sign that says – out to lunch until 1:15p when in fact it’s 2:30p routine.

It’s so bad out there, that you don’t have to try really hard to come up with something amazing. You can get back to the basics of service and be in the top 5% of superstars. You know – all those things you learned in kindergarten kind of stuff. Like looking people in the eyes, saying hello and please and thank you. It’s the small things that get remembered most.

You’re getting my personalization act together Multifamily Maniac,


Rented an Apartment Lately?

If you work with me at Mills and you are reading this post – I will pay the deposit and the app fee in exchange for the lessons you learn.

When was the last time you went out and secured a lease on a new apartment?

How Do They Feel?

I think it should be standard issue that every single person that works for your company goes out and leases an apartment,  soup to nuts – President to Porter. Not a secret shop – call is a secret rent an apartment experience or what you will. This is real-time. Lease one from your very own portfolio and lease one from your closest comp. I am talking the whole nine yards. Go through the process of searching online, pick up a magazine, drive by or ask a friend. Choose a community or two to visit, walk in and go through the process. Have your checkbook or money order in hand and lay down a deposit. That is if you like how you feel.

Who is They?

So to answer the question above – they is the people who are walking through your door every day of the week. And, understanding how they feel should be top of mind, tip of tongue and everything you think about, dream about and are about. And what better time to get that feeling than now. The only way you can truly serve the people who serve you (monthly rent checks) is to really get in their shoes. Really understand the process they go through. Really understand how they feel. Now that sounds like a challenge.

First One is on Me

If you work with me at Mills and you are reading this post – I will pay the deposit and the app fee for your first secret rent an apartment experience in exchange for the lessons you learn. That is to imply that you have to come back and do a guest post for me detailing what you liked, disliked and what you will change about your business as a result of the experience.

Hit me with a comment below and we will make the arrangements.

Your looking forward to how you make them feel multifamily maniac,